FERGHEART represents the musicians version of the American Dream. The Oregon countryside and his dad’s old Yamaha guitar have morphed into the twenty-four-seven bustle of Los Angeles and a well-loved 1956 Gibson L-50. The original songwriter presents a sound of Modern Folk and Rhythm & Blues influenced by deep roots in jazz, bluegrass, soul, country and early rock n' roll music.

FERGHEART's debut 7" vinyl release and it's title track "My Retro Weekend" placed in the Top 20 in 2015 The Great American Song Contest, 3rd in the 2014 Austin Songwriters Group Songwriting Contest, and received honorable mention in the 2015 West Coast Songwriter’s Group contest.

Debut 7" Vinyl Release

Live Solo Performance

Power Trio Live

Honors & Awards

2015 | West Cost Songwriters Contest | "My Retro Weekend" | Honorable Mention Folk/Americana

2015 | Great American Song Contest | "My Retro Weekend" | Top 20 Finalist Folk/Americana

2014 | Austin Songwriters Group Contest | "My Retro Weekend" | 3rd Place Finalist Folk/Americana

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