Thank you so much for your purchase of My Retro Weekend on 7" Random Color Vinyl. Thank you for being a part of this journey that began over two years ago. This record was recorded and manufactured entirely in California with real humans and skilled labor. In this digital age, a lot of folks lose sight of the amount of work and planning that goes into producing a physical product. Each purchase helps recover the cost of employing more than twenty-five people in the process of making this record. Every note played by hand, a lacquer etched with precision, every record jacket glued one at a time, produced and mastered by some of the best ears in the business. Be proud that you own a part of that.

As a thank you for your vinyl purchase, your entitled to a digital copy of the record for iTunes or your digital library of choice. Please enter your free download code in the box below, download the zip file, extract the or unzip the folder and import the files into your library.

Thanks - Fergheart

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