FERGHEART on “Live at Lockett’s” YouTube Concert Series

credit: Christopher Lockett | Fergheart - Guitar | Jesse Olema - Fiddle Live at Lockett’s intimate concert series on YouTube captures the Folk and Americana singer/songwriter FERGHEART in a time of reflection. Recorded just ten days after his Mother’s passing, “Throw A Rose In The Ocean” is a song about the memory of a day with his Mother when she had to say goodbye to her parents. “My Mother and family took a ferry into the Puget Sound from West Seattle where my Mom was born. As she threw two roses over the edge of the ship, she waved and said, ‘goodbye Mom and Dad’. I was so incredibly moved by that gesture that I knew there was a song in that story somewhere.” With a song started but left unfinished, it wasn’t until he had to prepare to say goodbye to his Mom, after her battle with cancer, that he was able to finish.

Filmed in cinematographer Christopher Lockett’s living room with one camera, one lens, no zooms, no cuts, not even a microphone in frame. Just a lone shotgun mic overhead in a c-stand. The first season features 23 performers from Los Angeles’ eclectic roots music and poetry scenes. 3 songs or poems each. Each a standalone video. The performers are all rooted in a tradition, but aren’t bound by it. A different artist will be featured each week. No money exchanged hands, just handshakes. “This is a homegrown music community thing,” Lockett says.

A 2014 finalist in The Great American Song Contest and 3rd place winner in the Austin Songwriters Group Song Contest, FERGHEART represents the musician's version of the American Dream. The Oregon countryside and his dad’s old Yamaha guitar have morphed into the twenty-four-seven bustle of Los Angeles and a well-loved 1956 Gibson L-50. He takes ideas from the city and pits them against the typical middle-American mindset. And while he notes Nick Lowe, Ryan Adams, and John Prine as main influences, he's added his own brand of lyrical sensibility to a stripped-down folk sound to travel back in time in order to slow down.

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Throw A Rose In The Ocean

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